Simplified code inspection

R-Series, the Smart Vision System from Domino

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R-Series – Code with Confidence

A turn-key solution from a single trusted supplier. Designed to work with the entire
Domino equipment portfolio, the R-Series Domino vision system range eliminates labourintensive
manual inspections, reduces the amount of scrap, and helps to avoid the expense
and brand damage associated with product recalls. Everything from a single source.

Smart, Flexible, Powerful

Smart means simple – Optimised for coding and marking


With over 40 years of experience supporting Food, Beverage and FMCG markets, we know what matters to you. The new Domino R-Series vision system range is designed to integrate quickly into highspeed (up to 60000 p/h), highly-automated lines.

  • Three standard models with scalable capabilities to easily adapt to your needs over time
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
  • Optimised to meet industry best practice

Flexible & Future Proof – A system that grows with your needs
Adding capabilities is a simple software update. The system is designed to integrate with and accommodate future Domino upgrades

R550 - Code Verify

Code with confidence with the complete code verification solution. Get full protection and achieve the performance and product validity that your production needs.

R350 - Code Quality

Don’t need to check code accuracy? The R350 detects some of the common print
issues and ensures Machine Readable Codes readability

R150 - Code Check

Our entry level option for reduced code checking needs. The R150 inspects the presence and position of the code for basic protection.

Powerful by design – Everything from a trusted single source


  • Optimised for Domino fonts and print characteristics
  • Designed to be fully compatible with all the Domino portfolio to ensure a smooth installation and integration
  • Common Domino user interface minimises the learning curve
  • Designed to detect specific light frequencies reflected by our state-of-the-art GMP food packaging CIJ inks
  • Standard speed of up to 60000 p/h (application dependant) for the whole range

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